I have a pup named Chico and he is really nice and my dad mom and grandad are really good with dogs and me. And those Boxer are so nice amazing and beautiful and clean up is nice, and they they look really really beautiful and I really ask you guys to go with Santa Boxers Home they are absolutely beautiful and amazing!
Duke M.
We got our hyper little Echo from Santa Boxers Home in November 2019. Santa Boxers Home was very prompt on responding and they kept me up to date the whole time. Our little girl did have a medical concern and they notified me immediately once they found out and were very accommodating and open regarding the situation. We opted to proceed with picking up our little girl we fell in love with and we have no regrets. She is a beautiful and energetic little girl. I definitely recommend Santa Boxers Home to anyone looking. They won't hide anything and are very sincere and take all appropriate precautions to provide healthy puppies to their customers.
Angela N
Anchorage, Alaska.
my boyfriend and i had a wonderful experience when purchasing our pup from Santa Boxers Home! they are very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to their beautiful Boxer. the facility is immaculate and the dogs appear to be very happy in their environment. they are very well taken care of. we love our soon to be 2 year old kye girl so much we have decided to purchase another puppy from Santa Boxers Home. she will be ready summer of 2020!
Dave & Cynthia
Sacramento, California
I did not post this when I picked up my precious Niko, but he is the joy of our lives, he is smart and loving and I credit this to the breeder. These puppies and dogs are top notch!!!! I highly recommend Boxer to anyone who wants a high quality, smart, precious puppy.
Anchorage, Alaska.
I have had two (one with 'classic marking female) that died at 16. My all time favouite !!!!. and one white male died at 11 do to medicine for his extreme ear infections and the medication issues. the first one was called Natashia and the other sassia. I LOVE AND MISS THEM EVERY DAY !!!!!!!!
Cincinnati, Ohio.
There truly are no words to express just how wonderful Jim & his wife are & the care & love they have for all their dogs & puppies. Hands down the best experience I could have ask for in making my son Chris' dream come true of having a puppy. Apollo (Serendipity & Simba) is an absolute blessing. I just can't rate Santa Boxers Home high enough. Thank you both from the depths of my heart & we will definitely be keeping in touch.
San Francisco, California
My wife and I were researching the best places to buy a puppy within a 250-km radius. After searching for a few days we found two breeders, Santa Boxers Home and another breeder in USA. We are definitely glad we chose Santa Boxers Home, Jim was super helpful with every step of the way, from inquires to before and after we got our boy Loki. When we took Loki to his first Vet appointment our Vet said, "the breeder you got your puppy from knows what he is doing, Loki is in great health!" Jim and his wife care deeply for every one of their puppies, I would definitely recommend Santa Boxers Home if you are looking for a great place to get a great puppy.
Atlanta Georgia.

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