Health Guarantee

We were blessed to start our breeding program with exceptional breed specimens that resulted from dedication and hard work of many generations of breeders in this country and around the world.


We have taken every opportunity to provide a quality, healthy puppy. The dam of puppy has had all vaccinations and has been dewormed on a regular basis.  I can guarantee that this puppy’s “Pet Quality”. At time of sale, seller states that this puppy is healthy to the best of her knowledge. Once the puppy leaves the seller’s premises, the puppy is under buyer’s control, and the puppy is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Notice of any problem with this puppy must be received within 7 days under the terms and conditions below:

Buyer agrees to have puppy examined by a currently practicing, reputable veterinarian within 7 days from the time of purchase. A Veterinary Examination report shall be completed as a result of this and a copy sent to seller immediately. Failure to return this written report within 7 days of exam VOIDS this contract. If this Veterinarian determines that there is a major problem  with the puppy, puppy may be returned at this time. (return must be made within 7 days). Seller reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a Veterinarian of seller’s choice, before exchange is made, and a replacement puppy will be given (see contract term number 4). If the said puppy is found to be ill, but buyer wishes to maintain ownership of said puppy, buyer then understands that Seller pays no vet bills and buyer assumes all responsibility for said puppy.

Puppy is guaranteed for 7 days from date and time of purchase against infectious diseases such as Parvo*, Corona, or Distemper as long as all terms of this contract have been followed. The puppy has some immunity from the Parvo disease from the mother, and the puppy has had its first vaccination for Parvo and Distemper. Buyer understands that if the puppy shows any signs of illness in the first 72 hour period he/she must take puppy to have a Veterinary examination at buyers expense and seller must be notified. But, because Parvo is such a contagious disease, and the puppy must not be exposed to the disease in any public place . Puppy should not be taken to public places, pet stores, parks or other areas where it can contract an infectious disease until it is 12 weeks of age and has had all 4 sets of its shots. It is extremely important that you watch your puppy and be extremely cautious where you allow your puppy to go or who touches your puppy until it is completely safe from the Parvo virus. The puppy will need up to four parvo vaccinations before it can be considered safe from the Parvo virus. The first vaccination is usually given at 6 to 8 weeks old and the second vaccination is given 3 weeks later, and then a third vaccination should be given 3 weeks later, and the fourth vaccination given three weeks after  that. After that, a Parvo shot is given annually with Rabies and other vaccinations for the rest of the dogs life. Buyer also understands that their puppy needs to be wormed on a regular every 3 week basis to reduced the amount of eggs produced in the body of the pup until the said dog is an adult.

The puppy is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase against genetic defects as long as all terms of this contract have been followed. Seller makes no guarantees regarding allergies, internal parasites, demodectic mange or dermatitis due to the fact that these ailments can be environment induced. Buyer understands that they are responsible for all vet bills incurred and seller must be notified within a 72 hour period after a licensed veterinarian as diagnosed any or all possible life threatening genetic health related issues. Failure to do so could possibly make ALL guarantee’s void at sellers discretion. Buyer understands that puppy must be kept on a non-high protein diet ( Nohigher than 28%) to maintain healthy bone growth and intestinal balances. If dog foods fed are excessive or lacking serious health can occur and could void this contract. Breeder highly recommends puppy stays on NU-Vet vitamins until6 months old.

If a major problem has been determined and return of the puppy is desired and agreed upon by both parties, a replacement puppy of comparable size and value will be given to the buyer as long as all terms of this contract has been followed. If a replacement puppy is not available at that time, buyer will be given a ‘voucher” for a puppy and notified immediately when a comparable puppy is available. No cash refunds will be given, only an exchange. Any veterinarian expenses incurred determining the problem/health status of this puppy will be the sole responsibility of the buyer and no refunds or reimbursements will be expected from seller.

If the puppy dies within the 72-hour guarantee period, buyer will take the deceased puppy to a veterinarian of his/her choice for the purpose of an autopsy at buyer’s expense. When a confirmation of cause of death has been determined, buyer will get in contact with seller immediately with the results. If seller desires to talk to the buyers veterinarian that determined the cause, buyer will arrange for this conversation to happen and if seller disagrees with buyers veterinarian, seller reserves the right to have the deceased puppy taken to a veterinarian of sellers choice and a second autopsy will be performed at sellers expense to determine if the two veterinarians agree. If the two veterinarians agree that the puppy died of natural causes of warrantable condition, a replacement puppy will be provided to buyer